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Mural of Love

by abby on August 19, 2013 | Comment

mural by type designer Pablo Medina

Feel the love people! This very cool typographic mural was created by designer/tyopgrapher Pablo Medina of Cuanica—a graphic design studio located in the East Village of New York City.

The mural, however, resides on a wall on the side of a tattoo parlor in San Francisco’s Mission District. When asked what inspired this mural, Pablo answer “The fantastic people in San Francisco! San Francisco is a city filled with kind and generous people”. Pablo spent several years in graduate school at California College of Arts and has fond memories of the many fantastic folks who helped him on his journey.

I think this mural is an amazing big THANK YOU! What a unique way to give back to your community using the skills you gained while you lived there. You can find out more about this mural here.

Pass the love on!

Passover and Type

by abby on April 9, 2012 | Comment

new haggadah 2012

In light that this week is Passover, I would like to share with you images from The New American Haggadah published by Little Brown and Company. It’s a gorgeous book with fabulous type as art!
new american haggadah

It’s designed by the Isrealis graphic and type designer, Oded Ezer. He went beyond just typesetting the manuscript. Instead, he took sections of the hebrew text and created works of art to illuminate the pages. He wanted the haggadah to only be typographic, but through his use of a variety of mediums including: wax from Chanukah candles, ink, cut paper, and even a kitchen torch, he created compelling works of art.
new american haggadah
passover prayer book design

I truly love the feel of the traditional mediums to manipulate the hebrew letters. There’s an immediate human connection with the words when they are drawn by hand. Even Ezber said in an interview with Imprint-The Online Community for Graphic Designers, “If I touch the letters, I think and I hope that people will be touched by them.” It’s so true. Well done.

Font Finds: Birthday Doodles & Monsters

by abby on April 3, 2012 | Comment

It’s been quite awhile since I posted a Font Find, so I thought I’d share with you a couple of fonts with playful gylphs that can make your designs even more fun.

The first is: Birthday Doodles by Outside the Line.

abbydora design book design

custom greeting cards

This font features all sorts of cute drawings of all things party related: cakes, cupcakes, streamers,and confetti. I love energy shown in the line work. The cakes on pedestals are my favorites!

The other font find is: Monstro by Ricardo Marcin & Erica Jung.

abbydora graphic design

cute monters graphic

Who doesn’t like a cute monster? This collection of monster pictographs is fantastic! Each monster has such personality. The gritty texture of the letterforms, which are paired with these glyphs, adds to the mischievous tone of monsters themselves. It would be a blast to design with this group of characters!

Font Finds: Touch of Curl

by abby on September 27, 2011 | Comment

Those of you who have seen me know that I am fond of curls. I proudly rock a head of thick, curly, brown hair. It look several years to figure out how to tame my curls and fight the fizz and excess. I feel that decorative curls in display type have also refined over the years. We have come a long way since the overly bubbly, high school cheer leader-like, Curlz typeface of the 90’s.

I’ve collected three of my favorite recent finds of type that add a touch of flare with curls. In all three examples, you’ll notice that these modern display typefaces add accents of curls to certain letters. Absence makes the heart grow fonder! The letter forms that do show the “swooshes” capture our attention and create the extra drama needed for display type.

abbydora graphic design
I love the capital G in our first font find. Everyone, say hello to LiebeDoni. I found this font through My Fonts. Apparently, this guy is all the talk of the town and it was posted on My Fonts Hot New Fonts. Who can argue with all the surge of enthusiasm for this typeface! LiebeDoni’s ligatures are delightful. The informal line quality itself gives this font a playful hand drawn quality, but not so much that it looses its sophistication. Can’t wait to try this font in an assignment!

abby book design
Pluto is another My Fonts typeface that gives its sans serif self a touch of light-heartedness. It’s almost like it’s a bit of an awkward adolescent. The top curve of the capital C feels as if it comes down too close to the other end, making it feel slightly awkward. But somehow this makes it endearing to me. I also love the movement created by the curved feet on the lower case type.

abbydora identity design
With 2 My Fonts typefaces already a hit with me, why mess with success?
My third font find is called Solomon and it has wonderful dramatic swirls in the capital S and lowercase b. Is it me or does this sans serif font feel a little sexy? Must be all those slinking curls that your eye rolls over. Once again the curls add warmth to the sans serif type. It’s all the little details that make this font friendly and flirty. For instance, did you notice the slight back bend of the ascender in the lower case k? How about the just shy curve of the lower case e on its base? These are wonderful quirky details that give this typeface life!

Did I inspire you? Do you adore curls now? Are you mysteriously craving sticking buns?

Font Finds: Scrumpcious Script

by abby on August 18, 2011 | Comment

I’ll admit it. I’m a type junkie. Who liked the movie Helvetica? Me. Who finds metal type cases incredibly exciting. Me. Who gives directions by supplying commentary on the lack of kerning on store fronts? Me. But you could say that in my line of work being so exhilarated and discerning about letter forms is useful! I’m going to start a series of posts about my find finds. It’s like a treasure hunt—expect that you get to skip the crocodiles and the endless hours of bad type. I’ll do the heavy lifter for this assignment.

Today I would like to share with you a couple of my script finds. Plainly said: To find a beautiful script font is difficult. Yes, I know there are soooooo many available, but I meant to clarify by saying the script needs to be beautiful and legible. Just yesterday, I came across 2 very different scripts, but I’d say they are beautiful in their own right.

The first was gifted to me by Fonthaus. It’s the new Laura Worthington font: Samantha. It’s just delicious! Look at all those elegant swashes. It’s got the script “bang” effect for the large decorative capital letters, but it’s also very simple and straightforward for the lowercase letters.
abby font finds

Want some more incentive to get this font? Well, it comes with catch words and buckets of extra swashes and, AND, numbers in standard and old style form. Gasp! So much for your money.
modern script font

But if your budget only reads FREE for fonts I can still offer you an option. Myfonts offers a great script called Magesta.
abbydora book design
letterpress type
Call it grunge with some elegance, perhaps? I love the simple rhythm created in the gentle swashes and the lean of the type that delights the eye. Bring the old world into the modern one as this is also a webfont. Start designing that letterpress inspired wedding website you’ve been wanting!

More font finds are on there way. And as you know I’m always interested in any suggestions or tips as to where to find great type.

I spy…good design

by abby on June 30, 2011 | Comment

abbydora book design

As you know the natural beauty seen on our road trip was amazing, but there were also a variety of eye catching design finds. Bad design and typography is all around us and so when my eye spies some of the better examples I pounce to document it! I pulled together a collection of the design and type highlights to share with you. These gems were found while on a cable car in San Fran, wine tasting in Sonoma, and sightseeing along the central coast of California.

abby dora illustration
abby san fransico

abbydora design artist
abby dora graphic design
abbydora stationery

abbydora butterfy
abbydora custom cards
abbydora design identity
abbydora promotional design
abbydora design children's books

Remember keep your eyes open for your own great design finds. You might even want to check out the latest stamp collection released by the post office today.

A Visitor, Not a Tourist

by abby on May 31, 2011 | Comment

Abby Dora NY
Over the long weekend I took a trip to my former city of residence, New York City. I consider myself a visitor to NYC, not a tourist. A tourist does the tourist things—Times Square, Empire State Building, and eats in Little Italy. Not D and I. No, we still have an insider’s map of New York. We walk the smaller streets and sought out the tucked away patches of green grass to sip our ice coffees. D and I had 4 days of “the best of our NYC”—a good portion of that “best” involved food. Our days were structured over where we would have breakfast, lunch, dinner, dessert, and drinks. We didn’t want to waste any food opportunity! The consensus between us is that good Asian cuisine is difficult to find in Rochester. For this New York trip we focused our taste buds on Thai in Park Slope (Song), Korean in the West Village (Do Haw), and thanks for a great tip from an even greater friend, we had top quality Sushi in Crown Heights (Gen). Thinking about all those places now makes my mouth water. Go to any of them, next time you are in the area.

My absolute favorite dessert place is the famous Magnolia Bakery. Whether it was a good thing or not, my office used to be very close to this bakery. Just walking into the shop is a treat with its pastel palette and ultra feminine retro vibe. I just adored this fabric triangle flag banner hung above the counter. D and I shared a cup of Magnolia’s Banana Pudding in a small park diagonal from the bakery. Yum!
Abby designer
AbbyDora rochester
Abby Dora New York

Without the stress of having to be somewhere at a certain time D and I strolled the streets people watching and reminiscing. At my slower walking pace, I found examples of great typography on signs, on windows, and even in tag sale in East Village.
Abby design
AbbyDora graphic
Abby Dora design

I was happy that the neighborhoods I once walked through on a daily basis still remained familiar. I had no problem navigating around sans map whether it was on the street or in the subway. Just walking around Park Slope and the West Village was like seeing an old friend, each street corner had a memory to tell. There’s much more to share! In between our food extravaganzas, I did visit a couple of museums. I’ll tell you more about those adventures on Friday.

Visual Learner

by abby on March 25, 2011 | Comment

I am a visual learner. This is no great surprise since I gravitated toward art and design my whole life. For me to truly understand it I need to see it, but not all visual information is presented clearly. It takes time and thought to visually explain an idea. Enter the designer.

I recently found a great list of infographics or charts explaining typography and color concepts. The full list can be found here, but I wanted to share with you a few of my favorites.



There’s nothing like showing the sins of typography through beautiful typography. I adore the title treatment of this poster. Beauty can be misleading, so designers take heed. This poster highlights a collection of 34 misdeeds of typesetting. See if you have committed any of these sins recently.


With a touch of humor this infographic guides you through the selection process of choosing a typeface. “You cried when watching Terminator” or “How about something fancy” are some of the questions you might have to answer when navigating the chart. Humor + design = awesome.


color theory
What I love about this color chart is that it shows both CMYK and RGB color combinations on one layout. It’s your one stop color-shopping guide!

With the expanding cross culture sharing of design, knowing the meaning of colors in other countries has become more imperative. This handy color guide helps you become aware of the meaning of the colors across 10 cultural groups. Did you know lavender means “decadence” in Western and Japanese culture, but “mourning” in South America?