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2011 Fall Newsletter

by abby on November 22, 2011 | Comment

Christmas cards, holiday garlands
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The 2011 Fall Newsletter is now available and its filled with great tips on how to make this holiday season your best. Inside this issue you’ll find several reasons to send holiday smiles with our 2011 Christmas and Chanukah card collections. You’ll be introduced to great decorating ideas with our handmade paper garlands and ornaments. Then you get a fun sneak peak at The Drawing Table to see the latest piece of art created in the studio.

As the holiday season begins this week, we wish you a very Happy Thanksgiving filled with family and friends—oh and good food!

Paper and Pumpkin Pie

by abby on November 8, 2011 | Comment

Over the weekend D and I hosted our 2nd annual Friends’ Thanksgiving. Thanksgiving is one of my favorite holidays because the point of the holiday is to gather together with family and friends.

Our Thanksgiving weekend was not to disappoint. We had an amazing selection of food and the laughs just kept coming. One of the dishes I contributed was the classic, Pumpkin Pie. I wanted to make it my own so I found inspiration from my Thanksgiving stationery and added hand cut dough leaves around the pie crust and on placed a few on top too.

Here’s my inspiration:
holiday handmade card

And here’s the final result:
abbydora design illustration

Adding leaves to the pie was a great way to pull together the theme of the party. I was very proud of this festive pie. It looked lovely sitting on the dessert table and even more importantly, it was delicious—just ask D. He’s had a slice of it every night since Saturday!

Pre-Holiday Sale

by abby on November 4, 2011 | Comment

candy cane stripes streamer

Need a little motivation to start on your holiday shopping? Well how about saving a few bucks and picking up handmade gifts!

AbbyDora Design is offering a pre-holiday sale starting today. If you spend $20 or more you will receive a coupon code for 15% your next purchase at my Etsy online store.

Winter Hat handlettering notecard

Buy two holiday boxsets of cards, you get the coupon.
Buy one 8″ x 10″ print, you get the coupon.
Buy a garland and a box of note cards, you get the coupon.
There are so many ways to save!

hey diddle cat fiddle illustration

By shopping with AbbyDora Design you are not only getting unique gifts, but you are also supporting a local artist and small business owner this holiday season. I create, print, and package all my paper goods here in my Rochester, New York studio. Cheers!

Font Finds: Delicious Type

by abby on November 1, 2011 | Comment

abbydora design editorial design

November first marks the start of the holiday season in my mind. It’s the time to decorate your home for the holidays, but more importantly its time to get those ovens warming and your baking tins ready! It’s the season for homemade baked goodies! I know that Thanksgiving isn’t really Thanksgiving without my mom’s Pumpkins cookies and her Pumpkin Pie. I can already see the filled cookie jar waiting for me….

To celebrate the baking season, I’ve collected three fonts that remind me of that same handmade love. These fonts would also work wonderfully as the typefaces for your labels or notes that get attached to the holiday goody bags.

abbydora book design
abbydora design logo design

Mishka is our first homemade goody font find. It’s a lovely retro-esque scriptface. I adore the elegant loops and swashes, but it’s not over done and the letterforms are still very legible. There just something very friendly and approachable about this typeface.

abbydora design custom cards
abbydora design illustration
Rhythm One is our second treat for the day. It’s another script but this one is slightly more formal, even a touch metropolitan. I think it the geometric letterforms and the pointed serifs that give it this formality. Do you have a fancy dessert to gift? A note or label in this font would add the right amount of elegance.

abbydora design graphic design
abby dora illustration

Populaire is our icing on the cake. We are back to another friendly font, but this one is a sans serif typeface. Often sans serif fonts are cold and without much personality. However, Populaire is filled with character! The letterforms have little nuances that create a hand drawn look and feel. The condense letterforms offer you more bang for your buck when using this typeface on smaller baked good labels as well.

Well, we tasted three delicious typefaces today. I hope this gets your appetite ready for the next couple of months of delicious holiday type and treats.

Holiday Market Thank You

by abby on October 19, 2011 | Comment

abbydora design stationery

Thanks to all who stopped by the AbbyDora Design booth at last weekend’s Holiday Market. The weekend was another successful art festival with lots of “oooohs” and “ahhhhs”. One lady visiting the booth said it was a “Whimsical Wonderland!”. Love that description!
art festival booth
abbydora gift tags garlands

All the items found in my booth are now available at my on-line Etsy shop. Here is a taste of what is available in my holiday card section. Don’t be shy to browse around in other sections too!

Don’t forget that Thanksgiving is coming. Maybe this year you will want to send Thanksgiving cards too?
abbydora design illustration
abbydora illustration

I love variety, so I’ve created notecard sets that give you several designs in one box set. Of course, they are each available in their own single design box set as well.
abbydora custom cards
winter holiday cards

Stay tuned to see more holiday themed paper goods—there are snowflake paper garlands and ornaments coming!

Halloween & Thanksgiving Cards Available

by abby on September 13, 2011 | Comment

abbydora custom cards
Finally Fall has arrived and with the cooler temperatures it’s just getting busier and busier here in the studio. Over the last couple of weeks, I’ve been finalizing and producing my next round of holiday card collections and single holiday cards. Today, I’m happy to present the first installment of these new stationary pieces!

All the notecards are now available at my shop along with other great gifts for everyday occasions. The first collection of cards are for one of my favorite holidays, Halloween! Filled with grinning jack-o-lanterns and touches of autumn oranges, there is a card here for you.
abby holiday cards
Halloween custom card
abbydora graphic design
cute halloween card

I’ve also created a wonderful set stationary featuring patterns of Autumn leaves. In rich purples, oranges, and golden yellows these cards would be perfect for sending a “Happy Thanksgiving” to friends and family. The set includes 2 cards of each design, for a set of 6 cards.
abbydora personalized cards
graphic silhouette leaves
abby illustration

Find out more about each of these Halloween and Thanksgiving designs and see more photos by clicking on any of the above photos. Stay tuned for the next round of holiday cards: Chanukah and Christmas!