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Green is Great But…

by abby on March 17, 2015 | Comment

rainbow paper collage {I heart color wheels}

…there’s a whole world of color out there!

On a day when green dominates I would like to share with you the JOY of a color wheel! Over the weekend my friend, Kari, and and I had an art date together. We do this ever so often and we both always come away feeling refreshed and lighter.

This get together was all about creating darling little paper collage color wheels. Check out our handy work!

collage color wheel

rainbow color wheel on wood board

I was the one who suggested we create color wheels. I had seen a stained glass color wheel a few weeks ago in a store and the image was stuck in my mind. There is something so perfectly beautiful about seeing all the colors in a rainbow. Makes me giddy.

I glued my paper collage color wheel on a wood panel, so I could display it in my studio. You know, a little more color never hurts!

I thought I’d close this post with this lovely quote by Marc Chagall:

In our life there is a single color, as on an artist’s palette, which provides the meaning of life and art. It is the color of love. —Marc Chagall

Well said Chagall. Well said.

Changing Your World

by abby on January 6, 2015 | Comment

I hope you make mistakes
{Mistakes can help you learn. They aren’t all negative.}

Happy 2015 everyone! I hope your new year is off to a great start. I’m beginning my new year with a cleaned and organized studio and I’ve even updated my blog email too (did you notice?). All the newness feels good and I’m liking the fresh start.

To help you find a little more motivation for January, I’m sharing a fantastic quote that a friend shared with me yesterday. It’s from author, Neil Gaiman. His words ring true for me!

Making mistakes is alright and might even be necessary. This idea was a little mind blowing. I really don’t like making mistakes. In fact I’d say I hate to make mistakes (little or big). But the truth is that without taking some risks and stepping out of my comfort zone, life would be pretty boring and I wouldn’t grow and that’s not what I want either. I’m going to embrace a little risk taking this year.

Many people take on words for the year to help guide and focus their energies. My word of the year is COURAGE .I have a lot of BIG goals for 2015 and a lot of new steps to make. I might be making some mistakes along the way and that’s quite alright because I’ll also be LEARNING, GROWING, and CHANGING MY WORLD! (I just need to keep repeating this sentence!) I hope you will pass this quote on to other folks and spread the inspiration.

If you were to choose a word for your year what would it be? (Click on the comment button below and let me know!)

The Wow Effect

by abby on January 23, 2014 | Comment

There are three responses to a piece of design—yes, no, and WOW! The wow is the one we aim for. by Milton Glaser
{mailbox surprise}

Amen Milton! Last week I received this fun promotional card from HOW Design. Inside there was this FABULOUS quote from Milton Glaser, one of the design greats of the twentieth century.

The Wow Effect is my goal, too, in my design and in my artwork. I want to make an emotional connection with my audience that perhaps surprises or delights their eyes and mind. I might always get there, but I strive for it every time.

Happy Weekend!

Did You Know

by abby on January 17, 2014 | Comment

orange and purple watercolor washes with words You are enough handwritten

The past couple of weeks have been a struggle for me. My foundation has been shaken by a death in our family and I’m trying to find my strength and get on my path again. When you are full of grief it’s hard to be creative. I’ve managed to keep my book design going, but the art side of things has been slow to flow again. I’ve been racked with guilt over this too. Shouldn’t I want to just sit down and turn my mind to something else?

But the universe is a marvelous thing, because the message I keep hearing from friends, yoga, articles and blogs is that, “I am enough”. I am enough, just how I am. I shouldn’t be too harsh on myself. I’m in a healing process and my art and creativity is still there.

This is such a great message that I wanted to repay the favor and pass it along.
You are worthy. You are enough!

Nurture your soul with small joys. For example, I did sit down recently and created a few abstract watercolor washes and I have to say it felt wonderful. No pressure, just the simple pleasure of dipping my brush into paint.

Courage Can Be A Quiet Voice

by abby on May 9, 2013 | Comment

be courageous

Yesterday I went to say hello & good-bye & ROCK ON to a few of my former RIT illustration students. They are graduating in 2 weeks and going out into the reaaaaal world. I spoke with these students at the annual Illustration department’s Portfolio Walk-Through where all the seniors display their illustration portfolios to the public for the first time. It’s a joyous evening filled with lots of talk of the future, but you can feel the trepidation underneath the smiles and thank yous.

I was glad that I could offer a few more words of advice to these students. They all needed one last nudge that “Yes, you can find your way”. I’ve realized in my 10 years from graduating college that everyone’s path is truly different and you cannot repeat it exactly from one person to the next. You must forge your own path, but it helps (a lot!) to know that you have supporters cheering you on your journey.

courage is a quiet voice

I also found this above quote on Pinterest and it truly hit home. There was an opportunity for me to take a full time design job recently. It was a job with great creative potential and steady income, but it also involved a 2.5 hour daily commute which would mean a drastic lifestyle change. It also would mean that I would have to place AbbyDora Design on the back burner. A small quiet voice kept saying to me, “Not yet. Not yet. You aren’t finished with this big adventure of AbbyDora Design”. Maybe it was my heart speaking out or perhaps it was my courage—a tiny, soft voice being very brave and speaking up. In the end, I followed this advice and I’ve decided to keep AbbyDora Design full steam ahead!

My choice has lit a fire in my drive and I’m pushing myself even harder to reach out to new clients and keep on painting and painting. Like my students, I am optimistic that my passion, my courage, and hard work will create additional and amazing opportunities for me. All I have to do is be brave and be myself.

Have you been brave lately?

Rainy Day Thoughts

by abby on April 9, 2013 | Comment

handlettering print from the wheatfield
{print from the wheatfield}

After several weeks of “Second Winter” Rochester is now enjoying Spring-like weather. Yay! What does that mean exactly? Well, the cynical side of me says, “That means it’s now gray and rainy out.” But I’m really not complaining, since it’s not snow! Honest!

without the rain there would be no rainbow
{quote from the The Swell Life }

Are you too are having a rainy day? To bring a little color to this Tuesday, I thought I’d share with you a couple great Pinerest Art Quotes I found this morning talking about the brighter side of April rain.

Smile, color is on its way!

Jumping Off Cliffs

by abby on January 31, 2013 | Comment

inspiration quote ebooks

I read this quote earlier in the week and it completely hit home for me! Does it for you too? In 2013 I’ve already jumped off several cliffs. The big one (feels like an Everest size one) is to learn how to design and edit ebooks.

I’m confident as a print book designer, but an ebook is a hybrid of a website and a printed book. This means I have to learn new ways to set up my book files and learn how to edit HTML & CSS code. Mentally this last part was a big hurdle, but I’ve started my jump into the land of code and you know what—it’s doable! I have more to learn, but it feel great to be in motion and feeling the wind in my wings.
I’m taking flight!

What cliff are you jumping from?

Happy Back to School

by abby on August 31, 2012 | Comment

back to school quote

With the passing of Labor Day weekend,New York students and teachers had back to school next week. There may be some grumbles, but the start of school and Fall offers a unique opportunity—the chance for a new beginning!

For me I’m pushing myself to be brave and start projects that have been on my to do list for waaaaaay too long. I’ve been scared to fail at them. But fear should not decide my future. It’s time to push fear aside and take hold of my goals. I might stumble and fall, but I will be moving forward and learning from each step! I rather try than do nothing. I’m using the fresh start of the school season to jump on these projects. Once a little progress has been made I’ll share what I’ve been working on.

Happy Back to School!

Love & Hugs

by abby on February 14, 2012 | Comment

abbydora graphic design

Happy Valentine’s Day! This is another great quote that I came across recently and wanted to share with you. This quote makes me realize that our actions truly do have more impact than our words alone. So on this day of hearts and chocolate, be sure to gift hugs to the people you love!