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Send Paper Hugs This Holiday Season

by abby on November 21, 2014 | Comment

photos of christmas and hanukkah cards by AbbyDora Design {AbbyDora Design 2014 holiday card sampling}

What a crazy weather week, right? I hope you are all safe and warm. To cope with the wacky weather and keep my spirits up, I focused on the joy of the upcoming holidays. I hope you will seriously consider sending a paper hug this year by hand writing your holiday cards. It will feel like a gift for you and your recipient, I promise.

To help to you find the right holiday card, I’ve updated and revamped my Shoppe to include new sections and a few new items too.

We have new holiday cards!
Let it Snow christmas card featuring 2 white snowflake designs on red background

2014 holiday card with dark blue background and white snowflakes

Mother Nature and Nordic sweaters were my inspiration for these cards. Each set comes with 3 of each snowflake design. The cards are blank on the interior to let you personalize your holiday greeting. I also have single big snowflake cards available.

There’s a new way to shop!
AbbyDora Design 2014 build your own holiday card set
{Build your own set of holiday cards!}

I split the Holiday Card Sets from the Single Holiday Cards. This allowed me to offer another great deal: CREATE YOUR OWN HOLIDAY 6 CARD SET. Yay! You can mix and match and create your unique collection of holiday cards for your family and friends.

Start shopping now!

Happy Weekend!

Handwritten Holiday Card Challenge

by abby on November 11, 2014 | Comment

holiday card with blue snowflakes and thin red type saying peace & love
{new 2014 holiday card}

With winter snow showers hitting the mid-west and today being a day of remembrance to our veterans, I thought I’d share with you my new 2014 holiday card and start the process of spreading peace and love to the world.

hand drawn snowflakes with red type wishing you peace and love to you on this holiday season

The card features more unique hand drawn snowflake designs (I really like creating them!) in cool winter blue which are then paired with lovely thin red type. There is plenty of room to include your interior message as well.

I hope this year, you’ll book time to handwrite your holiday cards. I know D and I are planning on this! Imagine receiving a handwritten letter and then receiving a typed note. Which one gives more warmth and love? Yep, the handwritten one! If you only hand write letters once a year, I think the holidays is a great time to show the extra thoughtfulness. Pair it with cute holiday cards and it becomes a gift in itself!

Won’t you join me in the handwritten holiday card challenge this holiday season?

New Baby Shower Note Cards

by abby on June 5, 2014 | Comment

Summer Office
{My summer office}

Hello! I know it’s been awhile. Life sometimes gets away from me and my posting. I’ve been wrapping up loose ends for my classes at RIT and transitioning into my summer project mode! Like my summer office? I’m going to focus a little bit harder over the summer at sharing what is happening in my life and in my studio.

To start I’m sharing with you a new product available in my Etsy Shoppe. I’ve had these Bee illustrations for awhile, but now I’ve formally created a baby shower themed thank you note—perfect for a first-time mother.

Happy to bee a family of three

bee themed card for baby shower thank you note
{New cards!}

I’ve increased the number of cards available for this set to be more convenient for a party numbers. They are available in sets of 12 cards and envelopes. I think they are ADORABLE and hope you will agree. You can find them right HERE.


I’m taking myself on my very first solo art trip. Tomorrow I’m heading down to visit Andrew Wyeth’s Brandywine Conservancy and Museum of Art. I’m bringing along my travel watercolor sketchbook and paints too and hope to find a pleasant spot to paint outside on the grounds. Have you been before? I’m so excited!

Have a great weekend!

Thinking and Believing in Spring

by abby on March 4, 2014 | Comment

Digital modern song bird saysing thank on front of card and smaller bird saying alot on inside
{New Spring card set}

Alright folks, it might be -8 degrees outside, but moving ahead like Spring is on its way! I’m seeing bright colors and hearing the the sounds of bees and birds in the air. How? Well, I’ve created a couple of new thank you notes featuring my cute birds and delightful ladybugs and brought back my yellow honey bees.

2 ladybugs on front of card saying in speech bubbles, thank and you
{New cards are now available in the Shoppe}

Every time I look at these ladybugs, they make me giggle. It’s because when I read their quote bubbles I hear them as these really tiny high pitch voices! Do they make you giggle too?

Bee Thank You notes
{An old favorite is back}

All of these small note cards would be great for you to share you gratitude, but they would also work as birthday thank you notes for your child too. So if you are feeling like a little shopping, I urge you to check out my store for these cards and more brightly colored items.

Ahh, after creating these new spring inspired cards, I feel better already! There’s hope!

How are you coping with the never ending winter?

Send Smiles and Love

by abby on January 31, 2014 | Comment

watercolor hearts with hand written text on them about love
{New valentine cards!}

I’m pleased to announce that I have NEW cards in my Shoppe!

Just in time for Valentine’s Day, I have created 2 new Valentine cards sets that feature playful watercolor heart patterns. The first I’m calling Colorful Hearts.

Set of 8 red, yellow, orange watercolor heart valentines
{Colorful Hearts Valentine card set}

interior of card says happy valentines day in pink handwriting

This card design was inspired by the heart shaped candies with little messages on them. It’s a perfect set for both friends and family. Send smiles along with thoughts of love. Oh AND, in this set you get 2 additional cards for a total of 8!

For the second set I wanted to create cards that passed along positive, heart-warming thoughts. You know, something like a mailed hug. I simply called this set Heart-Warming.

red, orange, and yellow inspirational heart valentine cards
{Heart Warming Valentines}

interior of card shows red cursive type saying happy valentines day

I layered a several warm tones of paint together to create the heart patterns. I then placed inspirational text inside a heart on the cover. The heart messages say: “Hello beautiful soul”, “You make my heart soar”, and “You are so loved”. I hope these thoughts touch your heart and encourage you to share them!

For this set of 6 cards, you will get 2 of each card design. Of course, you can request a single design for the entire Heart Warming set if you prefer it.

It feels so wonderful to be creating art again! I plan on doing more of this watercolor style card in the future too.

Happy Weekend!

Silly Little Red Valentines

by abby on January 20, 2014 | Comment

2 red birds painted on a valentine card
{They are back!}

Gray and white. That’s what is looks like out my studio window. How am I fighting this? I’m thinking of Valentine’s Day R-E-D!

These fun little Red Bird Valentine cards are back in my Etsy shoppe. You can order the variety set or send me a note with your purchase for a single design for all the cards. I’m here to please!

set of 3 red bird valentine cards
{3 different designs}

The cards are blank on the inside too, so you can use them beyond Valentine’s Day. Send a little love note, thank you, or just bright up someone’s winter mailbox with a little touch of red!

How are you adding in color to your life?

Marvelous Moms and the Arrival of Fall

by abby on September 23, 2013 | Comment

photo of children's art at Beyond the Bump new mom event
{our table at the Beyond the Bump new mom event}

After doing weekend long art festivals this summer, it felt so good just to have to set up a single AbbyDora Design table display! I had a great time at the Beyond the Bump event last Saturday. I met so many joyous new moms and eagerly expecting moms with their own mothers too. I’m very honored that several more pieces of my artwork will be decorating the walls of these new children. I hope I inspire them to love color, read books, and imagine!

AND over the weekend, came the official start of Fall! Hooray, it’s my favorite season hands down. I love the changing leaves and the crisp, cooler sunlight. Have you checked out AbbyDora’s Fall themed greeting cards? For instance there’s the Black Cat Halloween card featuring hand lettering.

black cat silhouette with handlettering for halloween
{Click on the card to see the interior message!}

Are you doing any fun FALL activities this week?

My Favorite Wedding Invitation Set

by abby on May 16, 2013 | Comment

pink script wedding stationery

I’ve been wanting to share this with you for a few months now. My brother is getting married! And it’s FINALLY happening this weekend. Eeeee!

Last fall, he and his fiance asked me to design their wedding invitation set (no pressure, right?!) Well, in case you don’t know how the design process works, but the more information you know about who you are designing for the EASIER it is to create a solution. Thankfully, I have 20+ years of knowing my brother and he has found a partner with a similar love of life and love of laughter!

champagne toast and wedding invitation

Let’s just say my brother and his fiance are light-hearted and very fun people. I wanted to express this playfulness (must run in the family, right?) in the wedding invitation set. I used a combination of handwritten script and print display type to bring a little romance and a little touch of youthfulness too. They also wanted to have Magnolias on the card. I chose to added them to the corners to frame the type.

wedding invitation cake art with description words

The couple also admired my holiday cards where I have a group of words within a silhouette (like the Dove or mitten card). They wanted this same approach on the back side of their invitation and champagne toast invite. The couple created the word list and I had a lot of fun, placing all the words together. It’s like a big puzzle!

Overall, I am very happy with the final printed invitation set and more to the point, my brother and his fiance, are thrilled with the end result. Hooray! They have graciously also said that I can use this design as a new wedding stationery template in my Etsy Shoppe. I will certainly announce when this wedding invitation set will be ready for purchase.

I was so very honored to be able to contribute to my brother’s and fiance’s special day. Now after all the work is done, I’m SO ready to enjoy the weekend and DANCE!

What are your weekend plans?

Un Show Voting

by abby on April 15, 2013 | Comment

blue and purple un show logo

vote for cards at UN show

Thank you for all your help with the Minted Competition. I’m still waiting to hear the results. In the meantime I’ve entered into another card competition! This one is called the UN Show It celebrates design on all sorts of uncoated paper. It’s sponsored by HOW MAGAZINE and NEENAH PAPER.

The UnShow web site is now open for public voting for the top 25 entries in each category. These entries will be submitted to a selected jury of design judges. Two winners in each category will receive $500 in cash and have their image published in HOW Magazine. Pretty darn cool, right?!

I need your help and vote again to make my dreams come true and be a winner! I’ve entered 2 of my new baby cards into the invitation/cards category. Here they are:

chevron cutie pie and sweet pie cards
{New Baby Chevron card set}

card with illustrations of flying bees
{New Baby Bumble Bee card}

Voting couldn’t be easier this time around.

1. Click here to be brought to the voting page for my cards.
2. You will see my 2 card entries. Click on each voting button underneath each card.
3. Smile! You are done and have helped me tremendously. Thank you.

Please pass this on to family and friends to spread the word.
Voting ends at midnight on April 19th!

Vote for Abby on Minted!

by abby on March 26, 2013 | Comment

I’ve entered into a holiday card contest at minted.com and I NEED YOUR VOTE TO WIN! If I win, then my Flying Dove card (shown above) will be available for purchase at minted.com. Whoo-ooo!

To cast your vote for my Flying Dove card:

1. Click on the Dove Card above. It will take you to the the Flying Dove voting page.
2. Rank my card.
3. Follow the prompts to create a minted.com account. This occurs because to have YOUR VOTE COUNT you will must create a minted account. It’s quick and easy.

That’s it! Thank you, thank you.

I really appreciate your support and love in this holiday card adventure. Voting is now active until Monday April 8th 9am PT.

Please pass the word on about voting for me and the Flying Dove Holiday card!