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Day Dreamers, Dogs, and Ducklings

by abby on June 30, 2015 | Comment

children's art drawings
{Afternoon sun on my drawing table}

Happy Summer Vacation and July 4th all! To celebrate, I thought I’d share with you what’s on my drawing table and has my current energy.

At the moment it’s all about day dreamers, dogs, and duckling sketches. I’m really liking what’s happening so far. And I’m hoping that these will turn into a new collection of children’s art paintings and prints that will be available at Clothesline Festival in September. I’ll keep you all posted.

Have a great week!

What you…

by abby on June 23, 2015 | Comment

carl jung quote

Ever since I’ve returned from France, I’ve been doing quite a bit of yoga. And Sunday was even International Day of Yoga! Love it. With my yoga practice I am able to stay grounded and quiet the mental chatter, so I can hear my heart better. Yogis: does this happen to you too? If you have never experienced yoga, you need to try it! It’s amazing.

Last weekend, one of my instructors said the above quote to us to help us breath through a difficult pose. But honestly, it really hit home to me beyond my yoga mat. I instantly thought of a large art project that I’ve been avoiding. I’m a little timid to start, but this quote made me realize that delaying is only causing me more anguish.

It’s time for action! I’m done with the worry and I’m breathing deep and strong as I start my project this week. Will you join me in tackling an area in your life that you’ve been resisting?

Travel Sketches: France Part 2

by abby on June 19, 2015 | Comment

Paris Flower Boxes
{The flower boxes were everywhere in Paris. Aren’t they gorgeous?!}

Hello Friends!

On this trip to France, I made an effort to capture moments of beauty with my sketchbook and camera too. I want to share with you about a dozen photo sketches from this collection. It’s a combination of photographs of visual beauty and personal spiritual beauty (you know things that make you say “ohhhhh and make you happy”. Enjoy!

Notre Dame
{She’s a beauty all around, but I do love her side view best.}

Sennelier Art store
{You guys this is where Cezanne and Picasso bought their art supplies! Oh yes, I came away with a set of chalk pastels. Eeeee!}

Degas Dancer Pastel
{Seeing Degas originals and other works from the Impressionists was an amazing moment. When I walked into the gallery at the Orsay Museum I choked up a little.}

Kids Book Store Paris
{There was a French kids’ bookstore in the neighborhood we stayed in Paris. It was fun to browse the colorful picture books all in French.}

Stain Glass from Forte La Lotte
{Caught this moment in the chapel when we visited Fort La Latte, a medieval fort along the English Channel.}

Suuny Breakfast Table
{Our sunny breakfast table during our Dinan stay. Nice way to start the day, right?}

Dinan House
{The detailing on the old wood houses in Dinan, Brittany was so whimsical.}

Old Windmill
{We stopped to this working windmill during a country drive. It’s still grinding grain to make flour! She’s a good ol’ gal.}

Picked Wild Flowers
{I’m all smiles with freshly picked wild flower in my pocket given to me by D.}

Rain Boots
{Awwwww! I found this row of boots in the hallway of our last apartment in La Trinite. Adorable.}

la Trinite sur Met Sunset
{Ahhh, a pastel sunset.}

Eiffel Tower
{The Eiffel Tower is spectacular when lit up at night!}

Have a great weekend!

Travel Sketches: France Part 1

by abby on June 16, 2015 | Comment

{It’s been a dream of mine to actually see and visit Mont St. Michel in France.}

Bonjour mes amis!
I’ve just returned from an amazing trip with my husband to France! The art, architecture, food, landscape were all so beautiful and inspiring. I am bursting with stories and smiles from our travels (and so is my husband too). I know I can’t share it all with you, but I did want to share a few highlights.

Tiny Sketch Book
{My smallest travel sketchbook.}

I now prefer to travel with several sketchbooks and a mini watercolor set too. This allows me to do “en plein air” drawing and painting when the moment strikes me. D is so wonderful about napping or exploring on his own when I need to stay put and draw. Paris and the coast of Brittany offered so many moments of beauty. Here are a few of my mini drawings:
{We could see the top of the Eiffel Tower from our Paris apartment window.}

{Of course I had to draw the Abbey Island of Mont St. Michel—so beautiful.}

{ In the medieval down of Dinan, Brittany, D and I had a picnic down by the port. I took a moment to draw the row of building along the water.}

I’m an ocean girl. I love to see the water meet the land. The coast of Brittany both along the English Channel and the Atlantic was breathtaking.

Brittany Coastline
{Look at the teal water color! I never knew it would be this brilliant.}

D caught me sitting and painting at the peninsula point of Cap Frehel. It’s a rare opportunity when a bench is positioned perfectly to capture the view I want! The ragged coast was still gorgeous even with the wind and the clouds rolling in that afternoon.


Here is one of those watercolor sketches from that sitting:


Ahhh, just seeing these photos again makes me giddy. If you haven’t seen this part of France you really need to. There is such beauty in the world.

More soon!