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Happy Earth Day

by abby on April 22, 2014 | Comment
loose gouache painting of earth

gouache painting of planet earth

Wishing you HAPPY EARTH DAY! It’s the perfect time to pause and thank Mother Earth for her many gifts. Today around my house I will be playing closer attention to the:

    Soft rain fall
    gentle breezes
    tulips and daffodils emerging
    song birds

What are you noticing today?

Family Treasure: Books Part 3

by abby on April 10, 2014 | Comment

photo of Little Brother to the Bear cover
{A lovely printed hardcover book}

Here are the last few book treasures that were given to me by my grandmother. Both of these books are BEAUTIFUL books and in fairly good condition.

The A LITTLE BROTHER FOR BEAR book makes me smile, because it’s design is looking like more modern young adult book design with the integration of image into the text.

contents page of Little Brother to the Bear
{Not a boring Contents page!}

{beautiful black and white illustrations}

On almost every page, there is some piece of illustration and what a difference the art makes! Each page is engaging and there is already a sense of story happening just by seeing the artwork. I could see how this book would engage a young naturalist or animal lover. I wish we saw more middle grade books today with this amount of illustration.

fox interior illustration with type
{great visual storytelling}

The red and black grape leaf cover book is a design marvel. It’s a book that is completely illustrated from cover to cover. Take a look!

Rubaiyat omar khayyam book
{title page}

Ooooooooo! Ahhhhhhhh! This is a book design and production wonder. There is pattern everywhere! The gold printing is created with a separate 5th colored ink (means this is a pricey book).

Rubaiyat omar khayyam book interior pages

Peacocks! The text almost seems like an after thought. I love looking at all these decorative borders.

Rubaiyat omar khayyam book random house
{more amazing borders}

RUBAIYAT OF OMAR KAHAYYAM is the title that the translator, Edward FitzGerald, gave to this version of his collection of poems, originally written by Omar Khayyam in Persian. Omar Khayyam was a Persian poet, mathematician and astronomer.

Well, that’s it for the new books I received from Nana. I hope you enjoyed viewing the pages and surprises. Each book is very special to me and I hope that someday I too can pass them along.

Easter Eggs and More

by abby on April 7, 2014 | Comment

collage of spring colors of rabbit jumping rope and colored eggs
{Easter themed art and cards!}

Easter is happening in a few weeks and I wanted to be sure to share with you that currently in my Shoppe there are several Easter themed products!

We have several handmade Easter cards featuring lovely pastel colored eggs and Spring doodles. We also have several fine art prints featuring mothers and their babies. Have you seen the Hen and her Chicks or the Mother Sow and her curious Piglets?

Also if you are a local Rochesterian, I will be at the RIT Spring Festival this FRIDAY 4-11 in the SAU from 9-4pm. I’ll have all my Easter products, Mother’s Day gifts, and of course my baby and children’s art. I hope you will stop by and say hello!

Family Treasures: Books Part 2

by abby on April 3, 2014 | Comment

photo of aged hardcover book on handlettering
{a true treasure}

I’m back with another round of family treasures! This weathered brown book had several surprises inside. The content alone was interesting. It is basically an early graphic design “how-to” book on lettering and letter construction.

title page photo
{title page}

photo of interior book pages that show hand lettered alphabet
{alphabets for reference}

I’ve read snippets and it’s so fascinating to see how the terminology has remained the same, but how one manipulates and constructs letterforms has changed drastically with the invention of the computer and design software.

I really didn’t think it strange that Nana would have a lettering book since she is an artist, but then I turned a page and found this:
Lettering Book Surprise

This is a business card of my great-grandfather taped to an inside page. His last name was Dalton and it appears on the lower left corner. I know he was a sign painter and set painter for The Metropolitan Opera in New York City, so just maybe this book was one of his?! I’ll have to ask around in my family to see if any answers can be found. All in all—totally awesome!

Lastly, tucked in a page of the book was this newspaper clipping.

Lettering Book surpise 2
{Rudyard Kipling anyone?}

So Nana or maybe my great-grandfather, saved this printed poem of Rudyard Kipling. It’s a poem he wrote for Armistice Day-a day of remembrance for WWI. Sadly there is not a year date on the clipping. Love that this book is telling a story with its pages and what’s in between them too!

I’ll have another installment of family treasures soon.

Do you have a family treasure you adore?