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Holiday Happenings

by abby on December 19, 2013 | Comment

photo of antique snowman sculpture as artist
{My new friend!}

It’s been a busy around here wrapping up 2013 and rolling into the holidays. My apologies for letting so many days slip by without any postings. My personal motto is that life should be lived first! And then I can blog about it. (smiling)

Our home is looking very festive and cozy. I’m highlighting several touches of red around the house. The beautiful snowman sculpture is a gift from my parents. This snowman sat on our mantle growing up and finally he joins me in my own home. I can’t tell you how much I love him. He sits right next to my mason jar of my grandmother’s brushes, too. Just perfect.

photo of christmas tree with dreidel cookie cutter ornament

Our tree is now up and adorned with a popcorn garland (yes, I string the popcorn and watch BBC mysteries—SO. MUCH. FUN!) and decorated with our collection of ornaments. Special thanks to the elf who flew up and helped D and I.

photo of holly and evergreens on door

While collecting our tree, I grabbed a few remnant branches of various evergreen trees and a holly branch for that touch of red. I pulled it all together, added a little red ribbon, and voila—a festive holiday door ornament!

photo of cookie gift bags with snowflake tags

And of course it’s not Christmas without…COOKIES! It’s a tradition since I moved up here to give a little bag of home baked goodies to our local friends and neighbors. Cookies never go out of style and they are always the right size, right?!

Well, I think D and I are ready to enjoy Christmas and New Year’s Eve. I’m officially giving myself a little R&R for the next 2 weeks. I need a little quiet time to reflect on 2013 and think about all the goals for 2014. I will see you in January!

Wishing you a wonderful holiday—filled with lots of laughter and smiles.

Holiday Reminder

by abby on December 12, 2013 | Comment

abbydora design wishing you happy holidays

As we are in the thick of the holiday rush, I thought that it was time for a little reminder that this season is also about the non-tangible gifts we give to each other.

It’s being warm in each other’s company on a cold winter’s night (holiday movie time anyone?!) It’s sharing a laugh with a good friend over the phone that you haven’t spoken to in several weeks. It’s smiling at fellow holiday shoppers and pausing for just a second to hold open the door for the person behind you. These are all great gifts and they don’t have to be wrapped!

Gifts under the tree are lovely don’t get me wrong, but they are not the only thing you can give this holiday. Think about sharing your time, love, and spirit! I always say it’s the little things in life, so I’m going to keep this in mind as these last weeks holiday preparations happen.

Wishing you peace and love and smiles!

NPR Book Concierge

by abby on December 10, 2013 | Comment

book covers from NPR's book concierge web service

We are in the middle of gift season! How are you doing with your gift list? I have a handy new service to share with you from the good folks at National Public Radio. Usually, at this time, NPR will gather together its book critics and create a “Best of 2013” Book list. This year they decided to be more interactive and give us a few more options in the standout titles of the year.

NPR’s new service is called the the BOOK CONCIERGE. It’s fun and easy to use! You can browse all the covers OR you can choose categories to limit the books listed. Bonus: you can even choose more than 1 category to list! Once your selected books are shown, you can hover over any title and a teaser quote appears. If you want information simply click on the cover and a full summary is displayed.

There are typical categories like “Biography & Memoir” and “Kids Books”, but then they are categories called “The Dark Side”, “It’s All Geek to Me”, and “Rather Short”. So you see there’s a book listed for type of reader and the time for you to find a book is a whole lot faster too!

If you do find a book that’s perfect for someone on your list you can purchase the book via an amazon button, ibookstore button, or the independent bookstore button where you can find a local retail bookstore. Breath a little easier this year and use this fantastic book concierge!

Happy Shopping (and reading)!

Wild Animals on Display

by abby on December 6, 2013 | Comment

{Wild Animals on display in the Bevier Gallery at RIT}

Phew! December has come with a furry! Between shipping holiday sales, designing a couple of FABULOUS YA novels (more later!), and wrapping up my two RIT illustration courses I feel lucky to have time to enjoy a cup of tea in the evenings.

But in all of this energy, I do want to share a fun event—I have art work in a gallery show! Yes, my Wild Animal Series is currently on display in the 2013 Faculty Art Show at RIT’s School of Art. Mentally this is a big deal, because faculty members that I had as professors in college at RIT are in this same show. I feel a sense of validation that yes I am a professional artist and I am on the right path.

I think my animal friends agree too, because they seem to be grinning just a little larger on the gallery wall. If you are in the Rochester area and would like to see the show, it will be up until January 10th 2014. The show is in the Bevier Gallery which is located in the College of Imaging Arts & Sciences.

Happy Weekend!