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Clothesline Art Festival

by abby on August 27, 2013 | Comment

AbbyDora Design booth will be at Clothesline Fest in Rochester, NY
My next festival location!

The summer is coming to an end and I’m prepping for my last art festival of the season. Luckily it’s a good one! AbbyDora Design will be participating in the Clothesline Festival is hosted by Rochester’s local art musuem: the Memorial Art Gallery. This outdoor festival takes place right on the grounds and in the sculpture garden of the art museum (how cool!).

This is one of Rochester’s longest running art festivals too. In fact the 2013 year is the festival’s 57th season! Clothesline prides itself on bringing together a great variety of artists. There will be printmakers, jewelry/metal artists, painters, fiber artists, potters, furniture designers just to name a few. I’m very honored to be included in the collection of this year’s artists.

Oh AND in addition to all the artwork, there will also be live music and an outdoor food court area featuring local Rochester restaurants and a NY State wine tasting tent. You will have to sample some for me!

Now for the festival details:

SEPT 7th & SEPT 8th
Saturday 10 am to 6 pm; Sunday 10 am to 5 pm

Admission: $5 at the gate; children 10 and under free if accompanied by an adult; includes Gallery admission. No pets (except service animals), bicyclists should enter at Prince Street and check bikes at the RCA Bicycle Valet. For parking information click here.

AbbyDora Design Booth will be located on the Goodman Street side of the art museum (Zone B). Keep those eyes out for my bright green and teal banner!

Once again, I’ll be featuring original and fine art prints of my children’s art. The prints are matted and will fit several standard frame sizes. I will also have my popular animal prints on wood panels. New for this festival are the holiday items! I’ll be showing several Halloween and Thanksgiving cards, and even a few Christmas/Hanukkah cards and holiday prints for home decoration.

I hope you will consider checking out this amazing festival and stopping by the AbbyDora Design booth!

Long Lost Sketches

by abby on August 22, 2013 | Comment

drawing of a cat wearing a mask

I’m teaching an illustration course this Fall called: Sketchbook Illustration. I’m super excited about this opportunity to share my love of drawing with students. It also got me thinking about all my sketchbooks and drawing pads around my studio and home. So this afternoon, I pulled out several from their various hiding places—bookshelves, stacked underneath reams of printing paper, underneath tea mugs, and even next to my bed. You just never have enough sketchbooks. (huge smile)

drawing of children's art

While reviewing my work, I realized I had forgotten about some of the ideas and characters I was so excited about earlier. If only I had another set of hands, I could get so much more painted! This is how it usually goes for me: I jot down an idea and then something else pulls me away from it and I just never get back to making more of the sketch. I really should have more of these “review sessions” of my sketchbooks and take a look at my work with fresh eyes. Perhaps I will see a storyline or off-shoot idea from an initial sketch.

My college course starts on Monday and I know many of you too also head back to school, so, HAPPY BACK TO SCHOOL!

Mural of Love

by abby on August 19, 2013 | Comment

mural by type designer Pablo Medina

Feel the love people! This very cool typographic mural was created by designer/tyopgrapher Pablo Medina of Cuanica—a graphic design studio located in the East Village of New York City.

The mural, however, resides on a wall on the side of a tattoo parlor in San Francisco’s Mission District. When asked what inspired this mural, Pablo answer “The fantastic people in San Francisco! San Francisco is a city filled with kind and generous people”. Pablo spent several years in graduate school at California College of Arts and has fond memories of the many fantastic folks who helped him on his journey.

I think this mural is an amazing big THANK YOU! What a unique way to give back to your community using the skills you gained while you lived there. You can find out more about this mural here.

Pass the love on!

ABC Giraffe Art

by abby on August 15, 2013 | Comment

watercolor painting featuring mother giraffe bit the G of the alphabet while her baby looks on
{G is for Giraffe painting}

One of the most popular paintings and prints at the Park Ave Festival was my watercolor called G is for Giraffe . It received quite a few “Oh, look at that!” and “How adorable!”. Music to my hears.

I offered you a sneak peak at this painting a few weeks ago and now I’m revealing the finished! It’s another large painting for me—big meaning around 11″x14″. In general, I’m pushing myself to work larger. I think the larger size also helped make it so successful at the festival too.

In addition to the giraffes, the letters are all hand painted. I used 2 shades of the green to offer a little more depth and variation to the letterforms themselves. I like how they seem to vibrate and bounce.

By keeping the background simple, I can fairly easily shift the color of the letterforms too. This is very handy for custom requests! In fact, one client ask if the letters could be light teal. No problem. Here’s the revised piece:

children's artwork featuring 2 giraffes and the alphabet
{The alphabet color can be adjusted for custom orders}

I think this new edition still works and looks good, too. I’m giving my visitors at my festival booths first access to this Giraffe painting and prints, but come late September all my new pieces will be available in my Etsy Shoppe. Don’t worry I won’t leave you out!

Any fun plans for a late August weekend?

Park Ave Festival Thank You

by abby on August 13, 2013 | Comment

photo of AbbyDora Design booth showing children's art and handmade cards
{My brightly colored booth}

WOW! The Park Ave Festival weekend was amazing. THANK YOU to everyone who came to visit. You made the the 2013 Park Ave Fest my best festival to date!

photo of the center table featuring watercolor painting for children
{Center table featuring large prints and 2 framed original watercolor painting}

I’m still coming down from the high of the weekend and just about caught up from all the rush of work to prepare and then all the work to wrap up the festival. It really was a truly awesome weekend. In addition to the fantastic response to my work, I also handed out 200 business cards and 100 postcards. I’ve made several potentially great future collaborations too!

white frame watercolor paintings featuring nursery rhymes
{My newly framed watercolor paintings}

I was so very proud of this year’s booth. I really wanted to showcase my watercolor artwork and have more prints this year, so I pushed myself to paint, paint, paint this Spring and Summer. It was all worth the early mornings and late evenings.

photo of side table featuring small digital watercolor prints of colorful artwork
{Front side table with smaller prints and handmade cards}

The walls were all covered in my 27 paintings and my new banner and my bright green fabric wall turned people’s heads and drew them into the booth—even from all the way on the other side of the street!

photo of a basket of colorful stickers of watercolor paintings of monkey giraffe lion horse
My new animal stickers

One of the highlights of the festival was the reaction to my freebie in the booth. I always like to have a small giveaway to help pull folks into the booth or have them pause out front. In the past it was a cookie and recipe card, but this year I wanted something more inline with my artwork. I had this amazing brainstorm over the winter—STICKERS! My animal portraits were the perfect subject for small round stickers. Most children had a clear animal in mind too when the basket of stickers was offered. The monkey, elephant, and dog stickers were the most popular. One of my favorite moments was when a very small boy chose the orange elephant sticker. He placed it on his chest, then looked up into the booth and pointed to the corresponding painting of the elephant! My artwork is connecting with its target audience—YES!

I have a month to recover and gear up for my next art festival here in Rochester: CLOTHESLINE on September 7th & 8th. I hope you can join me for this one!