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Baby Jaguar

by abby on July 31, 2012 | Comment

wild animal children illustration

This past weekend, I sketched my next wild animal print on panel art. This time its a special request for a baby jaguar. I started with an adorable cute cub sitting, but then I had an idea for a more lively jaguar. Ta-da! He’s a spunky fellow isn’t he?! I love the energy of this piece. It’s partly from his eyes, but also the great vibrant light green background. I’m looking forward to painting this little jaguar!

Oh and don’t forget THIS WEEKEND is Rochester New York’s Park Ave Festival. The AbbyDora Design booth will be on Park Ave at the corner of Vassar Street. From 10am-5pm on Sat. and Sun. we’ll be showcasing all sorts of children’s artwork and delightful handmade cards too. Hope to see you there!

Empowering Words

by abby on July 27, 2012 | Comment

kelly rae roberts

During difficult moments of my life, I gain strength in a simple mantra I created while in grad school and working full time (oh yes, it was stressful!). My words are written in thick Sharpie ink on a teal post-it note: Stay tough You can do it. I stuck my note on the outside of the freezer at eye level for a needed reminder every time I came into the kitchen. Several years, later it’s still on my freezer and still helping me to learn to run my own art and design business.

Yes, words are powerful. Artist, Kelly Rae Roberts, understands this too. She often adds in an inspiring “truth” statement into her collage paintings. She’s highlighted these beautiful mantras in her newest product: fabric cuff bracelets.

cuff mantra braclet

There’s a whole collection of styles of bracelets and phrases. Which one do you like?
kelly rae roberts
All Images taken from the Kelly Rae Roberts website
Any one of these cuffs would make as a great gift. Not only are you giving a colorful bracelet, but you are also gifting love to help inspire and encourage.

Do you have your own mantra?

Park Ave Fest 2012

by abby on July 24, 2012 | Comment

farm animal artwork

I’m recruiting my Rooster friend here to shout the news:
AbbyDora Design is going to be at this year’s PARK AVE FEST!

Saturday August 4th 10am to 6pm | Sunday August 5th 10am to 5pm

The Park Ave Fest is another great upstate New York summer festival in Rochester, NY. Stroll along Park Avenue to see one of Rochester’s historic neighborhoods and see over 300 artists at the same time! All weekend long there will be live music, kids entertainment, and delicious food from local restaurants. Sounds like summer fun, right?!

The AbbyDora Design booth will be located at the corner of Vassar St. on Park Ave.

We will be featuring colorful original children’s illustration and children’s art prints of all sizes. PLUS—we’ll have our handmade cards to help you pass on smiles.

Hope to see you there!

Tiny Animal Totems

by abby on July 17, 2012 | Comment

abbydora design animal

My best friend is visiting me this week and she is a huge animal lover. Beasts large and small make this gal smile. So in honor of her, I thought I’d share a fantastic artist who creates tiny animal sculptures. Laura is the creative power behind the company Le Animale.

alligator sculpture

She calls her tiny (and I mean tiny under 2 inches!) animal sculptures totems or spirit animals. All her work is handmade. She creates them from clay, adds paints, and coats them in a clear varnish. They are so adorable!

children's illustration

There are so many I would love to collect. They even have my favorite animal, an otter! Eee—so cute!

abby dora design
{All images from the Le Animale website}

Le Animale does custom work, so your own favorite animal could become a beautiful animal totem too. What animal totem would you want?

Art on the Floor

by abby on July 13, 2012 | Comment

city children's illustration

This week I came across Momeni’s ‘Lil Mo Whimsy rug collection. These are handmade rugs design especially for kids and tweens. Aren’t they amazing?! It’s art for the floor!

handmade rugs

I think parents will enjoy these rugs as much as children. They are so playful and have such vibrant color. All the ‘Lil Mo Whimsy rugs are hand-tufted and created with soft mod-acrylic.

momeni rug
{All images from Momeni: Genuine Handmade Rugs}

Colorful Balloons! I so want this rug in my studio. There’s color everywhere else in the studio, but the floor. This rug would take care of that! Be sure to check out the Momeni Kids Rugs section. They have many more rugs that are just as vibrant and playful as the ones here.

Which rug would you add to your child’s room?

Corn Hill Arts Festival

by abby on July 10, 2012 | Comment

AbbyDora Design booth

THANK YOU to all who stopped by the AbbyDora Design booth at last weekend’s Corn Hill Arts Festival in Rochester, New York. The reaction to my artwork was wonderful and gave me a shot in the arm of “You are on the right path, so just keeping working!”

watercolor children's art

Our booth this summer had a major upgrade with a bold splash of bright green for the back panel and new beautiful table linens. The new additions all helped to create a great playful, yet professional, space to showcase all my work. I especially love how the green pulls your eye right into the booth. Yay!

Abby Kuperstock art

I also have to give a huge mountain of kudos to my official festival “staff” who weathered the storm of the weekend and helped make to the Corn Hill Arts Fest a positive experience.

AbbyDora Design will be in one more arts festival this summer. We’ll be at the Park Ave Festival in Rochester, NY on Aug. 4th and 5th from 10-5pm. More details will come on our exact location in the coming weeks!

Happy As A Hippo

by abby on July 3, 2012 | Comment

wild animal childrens art
Original purple hippo gouache painting on wood panel

I’m happy as a hippo because this weekend is the Corn Hill Arts Festival!
Hip hip hooray! I can finally see the light at the end of the tunnel. It’s been quite a busy spring, but I’m looking forward to creating the AbbyDora Design booth (it’s going to be very colorful!) and meeting all of you.

The Corn Hill Arts Fest will host 400 artists, showcase live music, and offer great local food. What could be better?! I do hope you can come and stop by to say hello!

Saturday July 7th 10am to 6pm | Sunday July 8th 10am to 5pm

The AbbyDora Design booth will be located on S. Fitzhugh Street
between Adams Street and Edinburgh Street

We will be featuring original children’s illustration and children’s art prints.
NEW—animal watercolor prints on ready to hang wood panels!

We also have handmade cards and notecard box sets for special occasions and to celebrate the every day little things.

See you this weekend!